All American 921 Pressure Canner   What is Canning?


These All American Pressure Canners/Cooker Specs offer the ultimate method for canning at home, and the safest also. as recommended by the U.S.D.A., pressure canning is the only way to can all vegetables, poultry, fish and meat.

Are you cooking high volumes of food? Or cheap meat cuts?

This unit has the capacity needed for these activities and will do that and more for you while taking a limited amount of time. THE feature which make the All American Pressure Canners really stand out is a top of the range sealing system: “Metal on Metal”, produced with machine preciseness. Safe and easy to use clamping locks position the cover precisely to the base, thereby forming a completely steam tight and closed seal. Since no gasket is needed, the cover is quickly opened and closed every time. It therefor means that no gaskets will never ever have to be changed!

The All American 921 Pressure Canner 21 Quart features:

  • Aluminum construction, heavy duty cast (extra); even and fast heating: Professional Quality;
  • Bakelite Stay-Cool Bakelite handle on top;
  • Comes with two venting features (automatic) for extra safety margin (the overpressure plug and the he safety control valve);
  • Geared steam gauge;
  • On the points of the heaviest wear, there are Twice the Thickness needed on the Edges for extra protection;
  • The finish is ‘satin’ smooth; easy to clean and
  • Weight to regulate pressure; can be set to 5, to 10 and to 15 pounds per square inch (psi).

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Get To Know How To Properly Use A Pressure Canner

Pressure canning actually isn't as difficult as it sounds! In this video I simplify, step by step, so you can see simply how easy it truly is! You require a pressure canner when protecting low acid foods, such as meats, fish and shellfish, and most veggies. (Oh, I discussed that I thought the canner would hold 14 pints, but it's really 19 pints.).